3 Date Ideas to Include in Your Profile

"Coffee date"

“Coffee date”

You should always include a date idea or two in your profile. These are concrete examples of things that you and your date could do together. They’re there to help the women who view your profile imagine what it would be like to go out with you. They know that you’re going to have a great idea lined up for your date even if they don’t really want to go on any of the dates that you suggest in your profile. They know that you’re thinking outside the box and that’s enough to start with.

Coffee and Forbidden Conversation

If you want to turn a boring date extraordinary, go for the usual coffee date and then make the following rule: you’re going to break all the coffee date rules! The rules for coffee dates include but are not limited to “No politics, no talking about your mother, and no talking about your ex.” If you want to increase the intimacy of a date, however, you can let your potential girlfriend know that you’re going to be knocking all these topics out of the park. Just treed with care and make sure that she’s sharing as much as you are.

Something Heavy in Fitness

"Add your biking and jogging interests in your dating profile"

“Add your biking and jogging interests in your dating profile”

Your profile should also have a fitness heavy date. This will tell the women that you’re an active guy who likes to keep fit, and knows his way around the local work out scene. Great ideas include local trail, going geocaching in a big park, or even attending a free yoga event together. On the plus side you can bet that the women who want to do this are also women who are fit themselves. Even more positive, endorphins are released during exercise that makes people feel happier, more fulfilled, more self-confident and, drum roll, more likely to want to go for a roll in the hay.

Traveling Dinner Plans


If you’ve got a bus pass and want to sample a few different courses, arrange to have a four course meal at 4 different restaurants. Start out at a fresh farm stand and have a salad course of fruit and raw vegetables, then move on to a soup course at one restaurant, an entr?e at the next, and then go to bakery for a good dessert and maybe even a cup of coffee while you keep talking. This is a great way to learn someone’s food preferences quickly, and introduce each other to new places.

The Key is a Twist

These are just suggestions. Really, anything can work for you as long as there’s an interesting twist to it. Take a date that she may have been on before and add something unique to it. So long as the change is interesting and builds in options for communication, you’re going to enjoy it a lot. So is she. These should highlight your interests, your budget, and your interesting side. A woman should feel more inclined to date you after learning that these are the kinds of things you’d do on dates, even if she doesn’t want to do these specific examples.


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