3 Icebreakers You Can Use on Every First Date

"Try to make her laugh"

“Try to make her laugh”

Be honest: you’re always a little nervous before you meet a girl on a first date. It’s even harder if you met her online and you haven’t spoken in person yet. Trying to figure out how to have a conversation with a new person can be very difficult. It might even make you anxious about going on the date at all! That’s why it’s worth it to have a few special topics up your sleeve that you can bust out at the dinner table. When things start to get awkward and quiet, you can break the ice up quickly with one of those conversations. It will keep things from getting stale and keep the two of you engaged. Before you even know it, the two of you should be chatting away happily with one another. You won’t even remember that things were weird and awkward to start with. That’s the value hidden in using icebreakers on your first date. You’ll be able to kick things into high gear right away! Try one of these next times you need to save your date conversation.

Ask Her What Kind of Books She Likes to Read

When you’re settled in for a conversation with her, try to lean in a little closer. Ask her if she likes to read. If she’s like most women, the answer will be yes. When she says that, ask her what her favorite books are. Try to engage her in a conversation about which genres she likes the most. This is a guaranteed conversation starter. As long as you ask some follow up questions, she’ll keep talking. Before long, you’ll be completely comfortable with each other. Talking about everything else will be easy after that!

Get Her to Tell You About a Favorite Memory

"Share your personal memories with each other"

“Share your personal memories with each other”

Try asking her about a time when she was either really excited or very scared. Getting her to share a personal memory like that is a great way to break the ice. It also gives you the chance to reply with your own story. Once you start swapping memories, you probably won’t be able to stop. Talking about everything that’s gone on in your lives can really help you get to know a person. As you get deeper into the conversation, you’ll find that it’s not as difficult to keep talking. Success! You’ve gotten past the most difficult stage of a date.

Sneak In a Flirty Question About Her Private Life

Sometimes, it’s good to go in a different direction with your icebreakers. You don’t always have to play the good guy. If you want, you should try being flirty and playing coy with her. Sneak in a question about what she likes to do in her private alone time. Just be careful about how you word things, because you don’t want to offend her. If you look like you’re coming on too strong, she’s just going to shut everything down. When you do things right, though, you’ll be rewarded with a smile and a giggle. Once she answers, the game is on. You’ll be in bed before you know it.



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