3 Status Symbols She’s Going to Be Looking For

"Make sure you keep your house clean"

“Make sure you keep your house clean”

Looking good to the women you want to meet is a big part of the recipe for success. If you aren’t looking swanky as hell when you pick up a lady for a date, she’s going to judge you right away. Don’t ruin your chances before you even begin. Make sure your outfit is nice and put together before you even go out the door. That’s not all there is to looking good, though. You can have a nice suit and still fail to pass her test. Why’s that? The truth is, she’s going to be on the lookout for some status symbols, too. She wants to know that you’ll be able to take care of her. That means showing her that you’ve got the dough to do that. You don’t just want to flaunt your wealth all willy-nilly in front of her, though. You’ve got to be subtle about it. If you’re ready to do more than just dressing to impress, read ahead. Here are the the three biggest things she’s going to be looking for in your life.

A Nice Car Says It All About You

If you pull up to pick her up in an old beater that backfires every time you step on the gas, you are not getting laid. That’s just the plain truth. If you want to impress her, your car better not be a piece of crap. Don’t even think about hitting up those ladies until you can drive them around in something better than a hatchback. It might sound harsh, but women will judge you by your vehicle. She’ll want to see a nice car in your driveway, not the clunker your dad used to drive.

Make Sure Your House is Nice and Put Together


Your pad better be cool as hell if you plan on taking her there. There’s nothing a woman will judge more critically than your home. Even if you can’t afford your own mansion, you can still spruce up the look of your personal castle. Make sure everything is clean before she arrives. Do some research on interior design so you know what kind of objects will create the perfect look. When she walks through your front door, she should be amazed at what good taste you have. When you impress her with your house, she’ll impress you in bed later on.

Be Sure to Stay Up to Date On the Latest Tech

"Stay up to date on the latest gadgets"

“Stay up to date on the latest gadgets”

If you get a call while you’re on a date and she sees that your cell phone is more than two years old, it’s game over. That date is done. You look stupid and out of touch when you aren’t active in current tech information. Spend the dough to get the coolest gear. When she sees that you’re rocking the latest smartphone or watches you check the time on your smartwatch, she’ll know she picked a winner. You’ll look hip and cool to her. In return, she’ll show you all the hip and cool things she can do behind closed doors.


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