4 Signs She’s Looking for Love Online

There are two kinds of online daters in the world: the ones looking for Mr. or Miss Right, and those who just want Mr. or Miss Right Now. One of the worst mistakes that can happen on a dating site (right after accidentally finding your sister’s casual sex profile, for example) is getting your signals crossed with someone who wants a different kind of relationship than you do. No matter how nice you are or how sexy she seems, if you’re not on the same page then you’re just not. Keep an eye out for women who want to find love by looking for these tips.

She Doesn’t Mention Casual Sex


This seems like a really obvious thing, but it’s not actually as straight forward as you think it is. Even women who aren’t really interested in casual sex by itself will often check that box in their profile because it gives them more attention. If they’re looking for casual dating or a friends with benefits situation, casual sex is a better bet for them even if they don’t want the full no strings experience. If she doesn’t bring up casual sex at all, she’s serious about finding someone serious about her.

Her Profile Pic Is in Formal Wear

"She is looking for a serious relationship"

“She is looking for a serious relationship”

Yes, that black dress might be slinky, but if she’s breaking out the good jewelry you know she’s serious about finding someone good. She’s not just trying to slip into something sexy for you and everyone else who pops by; she wants guys to see her as sexy and successful. This combination doesn’t matter to a woman who just wants to hook up. You can think she’s unsuccessful, it doesn’t matter; that bikini is going to get her more dates than an elegant bun ever could. A woman in formal wear is trying to send a different message.

She’s Using This to Get over Someone

If she flat out says in her profile that she just got out of a long term relationship and wants to get over someone, don’t believe that means she’s looking to get under someone. If she’s the kind of person who falls in love then she’s going to be looking for more of that, no matter what you do. It’s a little harsh and a little sad, but there’s nothing worse than just trying to date someone on the side who wants to become your main dish.

Her Preferences Are Exact

"She know what she wants"

“She know what she wants”

Women on the prowl for a long term commitment know what they want. They didn’t go online just so they could get someone random. They know what they want and they’re ready to get it. If you see a woman who makes it clear that she’s not looking for guys with a lot of negative qualities (however she defines those) then it’s obvious she wants something more than a weekend fling. This is especially true if she cares about neatness and whether or not you can cook. Consider carefully if you want to get involved with a woman who’s searching for a husband.


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