4 Signs She’s Looking for Sex Online

"She seems desperate"

“She seems desperate”

Women go online looking for two things from the online dating scene: love and sex. There are whole sites dedicated to finding your soul mate, and there are also whole sites dedicated to finding a hot local hookup to sex you up tonight. You might think it would be easy to tell these two sites apart, but in a world where love and lust are so close together it honestly can be hard to tell. If you’re not sure what a woman wants, look for these four clues in her profile.

The Profile Pic Is a Big Clue

First of all, if her profile picture is tame enough that she could put it on her Facebook, skip her. She’s not in this for the casual sex, or if she is, she’s too incompetent to know that a slinky dress and some nice cleavage is going to get the job done a lot easier. The racier the photograph the better the odds that she’s looking for sex, but also the higher the odds that she’s booked this weekend.

She Doesn’t Have the Most Exact Preferences

"She is just looking for some casual fun"

“She is just looking for some casual fun”

Women who are looking for casual sex can have fun with all kinds of men. This is pretty good news, but it also means that her specifications might just be a place and an age range. Apart from that she’ll judge individually, because she doesn’t want to limit who she could wind up going out with. Great news for you, but it means that you’re going to have to get creative in your approach. She’s going to have a lot of men going after her, so to make an impression you’re going to have to have a good first message. Avoid just calling her beautiful or sexy and actually mention whatever interests she put in her profile.

She Lists Fitness Hobbies

There’s a slim chance that all the women listing fitness hobbies in their profiles are really that into fitness. It could happen. She might honestly think that mountain biking and hiking are the greatest things ever, but she probably doesn’t. She puts those things in because they’re “hot girl hobbies”. You see them and you’re supposed to associate them with very hot women, making her seem hotter in the process. Of course, she might not even really do them that often, they’re just something she can claim an interest in so she can tell guys that she’s fit and sexy without having to post yet another photo of herself.

She Talks about Partying

Not every party girl is super into casual sex… But yeah, they mostly are. If you’re looking at a profile that’s 3/4ths all the crazy parties she wants to go to and how much she’d love to meet a hot guy in the party scene, this is a casual sex profile. She wants to see how many guys she can reel in who will take her to parties and keep the club hopping all night long before taking it back to the bedroom.



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