First Date Ideas: the Good and the Bad

"It can turn out to be an amazing date"

“It can turn out to be an amazing date”

First dates can be some of the most awkward situations you will ever have to endure, particularly if you don’t know your date very well. There’s nothing more excruciating than sitting through a long, classy mean at an upscale restaurant with very little to say to one another. Sometimes this kind of scenario can’t be helped, particularly if you and she are pretty much strangers. However, not every first date needs to be this way. With a little creativity and determination you can turn even the first date into a fantastic one, which should make things much, much smoother when it comes to getting to know her.

Cater to Her Tastes

Even if it’s a blind date, there are ways to figure out what she likes and what she hates. Talk to the people who set you both up and learn a bit about what your date enjoys. For example, if she’s a diehard hockey fan, taking her to a home game is a great idea. The same goes if she’s a big fan of a certain band and they’re playing in your city. Of course, a concert isn’t really going to give you a lot of time to talk and get to know each other, but afterward you can take her out for something to eat and you can get to know each other then. Make sure to quiz your mutual friends on things she hates as well, so you can make sure to avoid including any of those into your date.

Don’t Go Upscale

"Why would you spend a fortune on a first date?"

“Why would you spend a fortune on a first date?”

It’s a popular misconception that the fancier the location, the better a date is going to go. This is not in any way true. In fact, picking the classiest restaurant in the city for your date is just a sure-fire way to pile on a whole lot of expectation and awkwardness. You’ll both want to make a classy first impression even though you’re both probably totally out of your element, which means that things are only going to end up being strained between you. A better choice? Picking a low-key place that you know serves good food and has a cozy atmosphere.

Outdoors is Nice (Depending on Weather)

There’s something about being outdoors which tends to relax most people, which is why an outdoor first date is a good idea. A picnic lunch at a local park or even just taking a stroll around are both great options. You’ll both feel more comfortable, which means that you’ll both be more inclined to open up and enjoy each other’s company. Of course, an outdoor date won’t really be an option if the weather is shitty, so always have a backup plan in the event that it turns nasty outside.

Don’t Go to Your Place

Bringing her back to your place is okay after you’ve been dating for a while, but on the first date it just drops a whole lot of expectations on the plate for her, namely that you’re expecting her to put out. Keep it away from home for the first couple dates until you get to know here before you suggest she comes back to your pad.



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