How to Tailor a Date to Perfectly Suit Her

"Plan a romantic date for her"

“Plan a romantic date for her”

Dating is a rough game for some dudes, and it’s really not through any fault of their own. Some guys are just more comfortable taking women out for a good time than others. If you’re one of the guys who has bad luck when it comes to planning and executing good dates, you don’t need to get too bummed. There are ways to pull off an amazing date night; you just need to know how. The most important thing you can do is to take the time to get to know your date a bit so that you have a great understanding of what she likes and how she works. Once you’ve got that, you’ll be able to come up with some kickass date plans.

Pick Something She Likes

"If she likes skating then go for an ice skating date"

“If she likes skating then go for an ice skating date”

Unless she has some pretty uppity tastes, you should be able to plan a date around something she enjoys. If she’s an indie music fan, for example, you could look up any festivals or concerts of that kind taking place locally and schedule a day around it. The same goes if she’s some kind of sports fan-all you need to do is find a game for the sport she loves and buy tickets for it. Sometimes being right in attendance at an event she loves isn’t a possibility, as is the case a lot of the times with sports games. This doesn’t mean you can’t still make a date out of it, though, because chances are you can still take her out for dinner and drinks at a sports pub or bar that’s showing the entire game.

Make Sure You Enjoy It Too

"Indulge and enjoy"

“Indulge and enjoy”

Taking her to a fashion show when you’d rather watch paint dry is not going to make a great date. In order for it to be awesome, she needs to know that you’re having a good time, too. For that reason, avoid taking her out to places or events that you can stand or don’t understand. Doing so will only make her uncomfortable because she’s going to know how much you aren’t enjoying yourself. Always try to build a date around the middle ground so that you can both have a good time while you enjoy each other’s company.

Quiz Her Friends

If you’re stuck on ideas of where to take her, it’s time to call in some help from her friends. Quiz her on things she’d like to do and hasn’t done or things she would be pleasantly surprised by. Her friends can be a super help to you in this area, so don’t pass them over for help. They can even help you plan a surprise if that’s what you want to do, which will give your date extra awesome points as far as she’s concerned.

Do Something Comfortable

Dates don’t always have to include the two of you heading out into public for an event. In fact, doing something where it’s just the two of you can create some intimacy and a cozy atmosphere, both of which being conducive to romance. Taking her on a twilight stroll through a park or packing a picnic dinner one evening can be one of the nicest things you can do.



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