How to Tell if She’s Flirting with You through Text

"She constantly tries to start a hot conversation with you"

“She constantly tries to start a hot conversation with you”

Being able to tell if a woman is flirting with you isn’t always an easy skill to pick up. You may be particularly dense or you might just not be able to recognize when a woman is expressing interest. We can’t blame you, considering that women tend to show interest in some of the oddest roundabout ways possible. It’s more difficult to tell when a woman is flirting with you online in some ways, considering you can’t read her body language or make a move on her to see if she’s interested. Knowing if she’s flirting with you or not is a useful skill to have so that you don’t wind up misinterpreting what she thinks is an obvious sign she wants to meet up with you. here’s what you need to know about learning to tell if a woman is flirting with you via text and online messages:

She Makes Flirty Jokes

This sounds obvious, but the truth is this may have happened to you before and you just brushed it off. If a woman is trying to flirt with you through messages on a dating site, chances are good that she’s going to start making flirty jokes. It may not always be obvious that this is what she’s doing, but if she starts teasing you with jokes that seem a bit strange, this is probably what she’s trying to do. We don’t mean that she’s trying to flirt with you if she starts spouting off dead baby jokes. If she’s just making little jokes about herself or the dating site you’re on, or joking about her sex life or anything like that, chances are good that she’s flirting with you.

She Uses Winky or Smiley Faces

"She sends a lot of smiley faces"

“She sends a lot of smiley faces”

This varies from woman to woman, but emoticons were basically invented to help bring some emotion and tone into written text. If she’s ending everything she says to you with a winky or smiley face that may just be how she writes. If she only uses a winky face after she says something you would normally consider flirty, then she’s doing it on purpose. That means she’s trying to flirt with you, so you should definitely send her a winky face back. Cool your jets before you send her a whole ton of emoticons back, though. Moderation is the key.

She Teases You

If she starts teasing you with personal information or sexy things, then she’s absolutely flirting with you. If she casually mentions what kind of underwear she wore or that she’s not wearing a bra, she’s flirting with you. This is pretty blatant, but you would be surprised by how often guys mistake this sort of behavior. If you’re not used to being flirted with, you may just brush it off. Don’t brush this off, though. She’s giving you a clear signal that she finds you attractive and you shouldn’t be the guy that misses out on a hookup because he didn’t realize the woman was trying to flirt with him.



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