Impress for Less: How to Disguise Your Cheap Dates

"How about a romantic beach picnic date"

“How about a romantic beach picnic date”

It’s time to face the facts about going out on lots of dates with lots of different women: it’s expensive. Those appetizers and entrees really start to add up after a while. What about if she wants dessert? That’s even more money! If you’ve had to start stiffing your waiter on the tip just to be able to pay for the meal, you have a problem. You might be too concerned with keeping up appearances when it comes to your dates. There’s no reason you can’t take her out on a cheap date instead. In fact, it’s easy to disguise your cheap dates to make them look fancier than they actually are. It’s an easy solution to a difficult problem. You won’t lose any respect from your date, but you also won’t lose more money out of your bank account than you can afford. Here are the easy ways to dress things up.

Fancier Dress Equals a Fancier Date

A quick way to jazz up any cheap date is to dress for the occasion. If the two of you are heading out the door looking like you might as well be heading to the beach, it’s a problem. If you aren’t dressing for success, you’re not going to be a winner. Dress up nice and fancy every time you go out on a date, and encourage the woman you’re seeing to do the same. Pull on your suit and head on out to your favorite chain restaurant. Sure, the meal won’t be served on a white tablecloth, but who cares? She’ll enjoy eating the food there just because she’s all dressed up. Your date will look so fancy that you’ll already know she’s having a good time before she even says anything.

Use Coupons and Gift Cards to Get By


There’s no shame in taking advantage of an incredible restaurant deal you found online. Of course, you probably shouldn’t let your date find out that everything you’re eating with her is cheap or free. Maximize the effect of your gift cards by hiding their use from her. Call the restaurant beforehand to set up a way to pay discreetly. Try slipping off to the restroom and stopping by the cash register to pay. That way your date won’t see what’s actually going down. She’ll enjoy the meal and think that you’re loaded!

Take Her to Some Weird Place

"She will be distracted by the seating arrangement"

“She will be distracted by the seating arrangement”

You could always try giving her a unique experience to distract from the fact that it’s cheap. Try taking her to a new restaurant that has a weird gimmick. The food probably won’t cost that much, but she won’t notice. She’ll be too busy spending all her time checking out the weird things going on around her. You could also try an unusual date location to save money. For example, you might try taking her to the state fair. Looking at Old Man Jenkins’ prize winning steers might not seem romantic at first, but don’t worry. The animal energy will start to work its magic on both of you in no time at all.


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