Inexpensive Ways to Make Yourself Look Manlier

"Work a little more on your Abs"

“Work a little more on your Abs”

Keeping up appearances isn’t just for wealthy celebrities or vain beachgoers. Maintaining a special kind of image is an easy way to attract the women you really want to meet. That’s why you should focus on making yourself into a manly man. Embracing masculinity is something that every guy should do for a variety of reasons. Of course, the best one is that it drives women wild. You’ll find that when you embrace your manly side, more women will flock to you than ever before. Maybe you don’t have a whole lot of cash on hand to fund this experiment, though. That’s okay. You can jack up the testosterone level of your look without much money at all. It’s actually pretty easy to make yourself look manlier while still sticking to your budget. If you’re curious about how that could possibly be true, then read on! There are quite a few great ways to change up your look. Don’t be surprised when women start hanging off of you!

Grow a Full Beard and Take Care of It

"Grow a full thick beard"

“Grow a full thick beard”

There is literally nothing more manly than a face that is covered with hair. That’s why you should focus on growing a full beard right away. Don’t be content with a few measly whiskers poking out of your chin. Don’t cut corners and just grow a mustache, either. You’ve got to go whole hog. Don’t just let it grow crazy, either. Take good, loving care of your beard as it’s coming in. A well trimmed beard will make you look incredible. Not only will it give a lot of shape to your face, but it will also make you ooze manly energy to the woman around you. It’s a huge turn on for them!

Stock Up on Secondhand Flannels and Jeans

You’ll need to change your wardrobe to fit your new image of masculinity, too. Get rid of those polo shirts and boat shorts. Those can go right in the garbage with the rest of the day’s crap. Head on down to your local thrift store to do some quick shopping. Stock up on comfortable blue jeans and lots of flannel buttondowns. Women will love to see your looking like just a little bit of a lumberjack. Along with your beard, you’re already looking the part like a pro. There’s just one more thing you need.

Liberally Apply the Manliest Cologne You Can Find


Now that you look like a man, you’ve got to smell like one, too. Don’t settle for a cologne that makes you smell fruity or sweet in any way. You want a deep musk to slather on before your dates. When a woman passes you, she should get a whiff of damp cedar on a cold autumn morning. It should make her think of buff men chopping down trees and living off the land. That’s you! Even if you don’t do those things, smelling like you do will win you a ton of points. Go shopping right away to find the cologne that will complete your transformation.


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