Minimizing the Damage When You End a Hookup

"You need to break up when the time is right"

“You need to break up when the time is right”

Having easy access to sex whenever you want it is pretty awesome. That’s why you’ve been maintaining a long term hookup for so long. You get along pretty well with her, but the sex is really what does it for you. Unfortunately, for one reason or another, you’ve decided that it’s time to put that particual hookup to bed. You’ve had a good run with her, but now it’s time to say goodbye. The only problem is that you know she’s started to get attached to you. After all, you have been sleeping together for quite a long time now. You might be afraid of how she’ll react when you tell her that it’s over. That’s a perfectly reasonable worry. You can’t let it stop you from taking action, though. The best way to do it is to try and contain the damage as much as possible. Here are a few easy ways you can tone down the intensity of her reaction.

Break It Off in a Busy Caf?

"If you want to avoid the drama then break it off in a cafe"

“If you want to avoid the drama then break it off in a cafe”

One of the best places to end any kind of relationship is in a busy restaurant. Take her out to lunch, get seated, and get ready to drop the bomb. You need to do it fast, before you even give your order to the waiter, so open your mental bomb bay doors as soon as you walk in. Once you’re seated and comfortable, tell her that you need to have a talk. Bombs away! It’s over. You’re not going to be seeing her anymore. You’ve had a good time, but it’s over. By now, your waiter should be arriving to take your orders for drinks. She won’t have time to blow up before the routine of the restaurant takes over. Now just get out of there once you pay the bill and don’t look back!

Give Her a Parting Gift

"A break-up gift is gaining popularity nowadays"

“A break-up gift is gaining popularity nowadays”

Gifts always soften the blow of bad news. This situation is no different. Bring her something that she really likes when you tell her it’s time to end things. A nice bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates will probably do the trick. Just make sure you don’t look like you’re trying to bribe her. That could send the totally wrong impression and actually set her off. You don’t want that. As long as you let her down easy, things should be fine. Just remember to focus her attention on the gift.

Shower Her With Compliments


This is another good way to distract her from the pain of your hookup ending. Just spend the whole time telling her how great your time together was. Don’t make it sound like you can’t live without her, though. That could be a huge disaster if she takes it the wrong way. Instead, tell her about how much you loved the sex, and that you hope the two of you can stay friends. That’s a good way to let her down easy. She won’t feel like blowing up on you if you haven’t given her any reason to light the fuse.


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