Signs You’re Interested in a Sex-Only Relationship

"You are always trying to get some action"

“You are always trying to get some action”

As any dude who’s in the dating game knows, things can get confusing as to what you really want and what you think you need. Sometimes it’s easy to confuse emotion with lust and vice versa, which can really complicate things unnecessarily. Before you go committing yourself to something long-term with a woman, you need to make damn sure that you know what you’re really after. If you say yes to committed dating but you’re really only interested in how the two of you are in bed together, you’re setting yourself up for a disastrous break-up somewhere down the line. Learn to recognize what you’re really looking for and you’ll be able to avoid all kinds of messes.

You Don’t Like Her Company

"You don't enjoy her company other than sex"

“You don’t enjoy her company other than sex”

Just because you want someone doesn’t mean you need to like them. In fact, some of the best sexual hookups stem from people who don’t necessarily like each other. If you find that spending time with her outside of bed is taxing and tedious, it’s a clear sign that you’re just not that into her in a dating sense. The same goes if you can’t stand most of what she says or does (outside sex, of course). Basically, if the only time you want to be around her is when she’s naked and willing to get freaky, it’s a very obvious indicator that you’re not destined to be in a long-term relationship with her.

You Don’t Think About Her Much

"You don't remember her unless she reminds you"

“You don’t remember her unless she reminds you”

If you’re absolutely smitten with someone, you’ll spend most of your waking hours deep in thought about them. That’s just how attraction works. If, on the other hand, you only think about her when you’re horny and even then you only think about her as an outlet for that horniness, it means that you really don’t consider her as anything beyond a sexual partner. It’s easy to confuse lust as attraction, but using this sign, you should be able to sort it out. When she only crosses your mind when you’ve got a boner, you really shouldn’t enter into a committed relationship with her. If you do, it’s only a matter of time before she’ll realize that you only want sex and that mentally, you’ve checked out from her. She’ll probably accuse you of leading her on and then things will become very messy very fast. It’s best for both of you if you acknowledge that you only want her as a booty call.

You Don’t Want Her in Your Future

A lot of the time when you fall for someone, you spend copious amounts of time pondering what the future will be like with them in it. These daydreams are a normal part of being attracted to someone, so if you find that you don’t spend any time at all imagining the future with her in it, it’s another crystal clear indicator that she’s not the one you should be in a relationship with. This is doubly true if the thought of her in your future makes you really uncomfortable-it’s your brain’s way of telling you to back off now before you make a terrible mistake. To avoid disaster, you’d be best to listen to that warning.



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