Signs You’re Interested in Something Long-Term

"You love spending time in her arms"

“You love spending time in her arms”

Sometimes, it can be confusing as to what you really want in a relationship. Your body might fool you into thinking that all you want is sex, but there’s always a possibility that you’re actually mentally hoping for a relationship that will transition into something more lasting. If you’re on the bench on what you’d really like from a woman but you want to try dating, it’s probably a good idea to know beforehand what you’re really interested in. There are always going to be signs; you just need to know how to recognize them. These may not manifest themselves until after you’ve spent some time with a woman, so don’t be surprised if suddenly your outlook on her relationship with her changes.

You Want Company

"You genuinely enjoy her company"

“You genuinely enjoy her company”

A huge part of wanting a lasting relationship is wanting to be in her company. If you’ve met or hooked up a couple of times and you find yourself craving more than just her body, it’s a good indicator that you’re actually thinking on some level that she might be decent relationship material. The same goes if you find yourself thinking repeatedly about the conversations you’ve had and everything she said-this isn’t something you do if you’re only interested in a woman as a booty call. If you start missing her company, you should definitely consider taking things to the next level. You might be on the road to a fantastic long-term relationship.

Sex Takes a Back Seat

It might seem like this would be an obvious sign that you’re after her for more than wild sex, but if you’ve been seeing her for a while the transition may not be that noticeable. In the beginning it might have been all about all the naughty things you did to each while naked, but over time you might find that instead of heading right for the bedroom, the two of you got absorbed in other things like cuddling on the couch or going out for dinner. This means that things have evolved from you having a purely lust-related attraction to her. Now you’re feeling genuine affection, which means you have the great foundation to build a relationship on, provided it’s something you both want.

You Look Ahead

"You are thinking about a future with her"

“You are thinking about a future with her”

Another tell-tale sign that maybe you’re in this for the long haul is if you often find yourself thinking about the future with her in it. This doesn’t necessarily have to include marriage plans. It can be as simple as imagining bringing her to your family’s place for Christmas or wondering if she’d want to go on a camping trip with you in the summer. Some guys find this kind of train of thought alarming, but how you react to it depends solely on your outlook. If you’re not afraid of committing, you’ll probably enjoy the prospect of a future with her. If you don’t want to be tied down, you’ll likely be bothered by this kind of thinking and may even decide to end things with her. If you’re open to continuing things as they are, mention to her what you’ve been thinking about. If she’s of the same state of mind, she’ll probably be excited to hear that you want to be with her for the foreseeable future.



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