The Real Difference Between Cat People and Dog People

"What kind are you?"

“What kind are you?”

Believe it or not, cat people and dog people differ on more than just who’s man’s best friend. They also differ from the stereotypes about them in key ways. The compare and contrast between what’s true about them and what isn’t makes for a good ice breaker, and identifying whether you’re a cat or a dog person before you start hooking up online can help you find what you’re looking for.

Cat People Are More Picky

Cats are fussy creatures. They hate getting wet but love being clean, they want to eat only at certain times (unlike dogs, who you can feed a few times a day, cats can be left alone with a bowl of food and they won’t eat it all at once,) and they only take a liking to certain people. Humans love cats for the traits they find unlovable in themselves. If you know a cat person, ask yourself how much they probably identify with their cat and it will all becomes clear to you. When dating online, look for profiles that are very well organized and make you feel like you’re jumping through hoops just to send her a great message.

Dog People Really Are More Generous

"Dog people are cheerful, fun loving and generous"

“Dog people are cheerful, fun loving and generous”

Studies have shown that dog people are more generous than cat people. When dog and cat people were given questionnaires to test empathy, it was shown that dog lovers were more than twice as likely to also like cats as cat people were to also like dogs. When asked if (time and space permitting) a dog lover would keep an abandoned kitten they found the answer was yes almost all the time. On the other hand, cat people were much less likely to take in an abandoned puppy in a hypothetical scenario. Though most people claimed to want to help the dog and take it to a shelter, few would open up their homes.

Cat People Aren’t More Intelligent

"Highly intelligent"

“Highly intelligent”

On the other hand, cat people are all emotionless intellectual machines. There’s no proof that people who prefer cats are smarter, so don’t let your online dating profile tell you any different. This is a good test for people, to see if they trust anecdotal evidence or statistical evidence more. If you meet someone who claims to be a cat person because cats are so smart, you know that it’s not a reflection on them.

Dog People Aren’t a Perfect Judge of Character

Dogs are supposed to be able to smell a jerk at 500 paces, but dog owners are not. There’s nothing that you can do in your life that will keep all the bad people away from you. Dog people like to think that they’re the best at getting reads on people, but you shouldn’t believe it. If your date knew you’d be okay to go out with because she can read these things thanks to her dog, you’ve stumbled out of your comfort zone.

What people believe about dog people and cat people is far more useful to your dating experience than actually liking dogs or cats is.



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