The Worst Gifts to Bring to a First Date

"The Gift will register your first impression"

“The Gift will register your first impression”

When you go out on a date, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Sometimes, that’s as simple as calling in and making a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Other times, it means bringing along a gift so you can really impress your date. Giving gifts is a tradition as old as time. Making her happy right at the start of the date is an excellent way to make sure she has a good time all night long. That doesn’t mean you can just give her any gift that you want, though. You’ve got to actually put some thought into what you buy. If you show up with the wrong gift, it could spell disaster for you and your entire dating experience. At best, the rest of your night will just be awkward. In the worst scenarios, though, your date will just want to bail on you before things even get started. That’s what bringing the wrong gift could do. Even if you’re tired of bringing flowers and chocolates, don’t bring one of these items along to your first meeting.

A Puppy is Not a Good First Time Gift

"It looks like a good idea but it is not"

“It looks like a good idea but it is not”

Never try to give a woman you’ve just met a new animal. A pet is a huge responsibility, and it’s going to be weird if you show up on her doorstep with a puppy. What are you going to do if she doesn’t want it? You’ll be even worse off if you thought getting her a bird was a good idea. A gift like this is a sign of huge commitment. You might scare her off right away trying to do something like this. Leave the animals at the pet store and get her something else.

Your Favorite Movies Might Not Be Hers, Too

Just because you love cheesy action flicks from the Eighties doesn’t mean that she does, too. Don’t show up with an armful of brand new DVDs. She doesn’t want to kick off her date by getting a “required viewing” list from you. This kind of gift makes you look like a total nerd. It might even really annoy her. You can’t just assume she’s going to love everything that you want to share with her. Wait until you get to know her before you try to gift her movies. It’s a safer bet.

Gift Cards Make You Look Like a Cheapskate


What kind of guy shows up for his first date with a gift card in hand? These make terrible gifts. First, it shows that you weren’t creative or imaginative enough to think up any kind of original gift. Second, it’s going to make her feel like you’re paying for her time. Handing her a gift card is like handing her cash. You don’t want to make her feel like she’s a prostitute! That’s a terrible way to start things off. Instead of getting a gift card, just think about taking her shopping in the future. That way, she won’t think you’re just trying to bargain with her for sex.


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