Useful Skills You Can Learn That Will Help You Score Women

"Women love a man who can cook"

“Women love a man who can cook”

When you’re thinking about how you will be attracting women to hook up with and date, you’re probably only thinking about things like your appearance and attitude. This is fine, but it doesn’t quite cover everything you need to do. There are other ways you can improve yourself to have better chances at hooking up with women. You can learn some skills that could actually wind up getting you much better chances with women, believe it or not. These are usually not things you would bother to learn on your own, but it can give you a big advantage with some of the women you will wind up meeting online. If you’re interested in being able to attract as many women as possible and for as many reasons as possible, then you’ll want to consider picking up some of these skills. Here’s what you need to know about picking up new skills to impress women:

Learn How to Braid Hair – Yes, Really!

"She will love it"

“She will love it”

We know this may seem a bit preposterous to you, but the truth is that this can be an amazing skill to have. Women usually love having their hair played with, and if you know how to braid her hair, she will be putty in your hands. This does seem a bit strange to most guys, but women love it when guys are able to play with their hair and wind up braiding it. You don’t need to be amazing at braiding her hair, but just being able to do it will be enough to seriously impress her. You would be surprised at how often this can get you laid – women find it really attractive, for some reason, so trust us and give it a shot!

Learn How to Fix Her Car


This should be a given, and probably something that you will already want to know how to do. Learning how to help a woman get back on the road when her car breaks down will earn you major brownie points and possibly even help you score some digits. It’s usually not difficult to learn how to do these sorts of things, so find someone willing to teach you and brush up on your knowledge. The women that you wind up helping will definitely appreciate you learned how to fix cars, and so will you, if you ever break down in the middle of nowhere.

Learn How to Mend Clothing

This seems totally crazy, but hear us out. You never know what could wind up happening when you’re dancing at a club or prowling around at a convention. If you know how to fix her clothing, you could wind up scoring major points with her. Yes, it’ll take some effort to make it work for you, but at the very least you can offer to help her fix it and then start up a conversation with her about your mad sewing skills. It’s an ice breaker, if nothing else – and then you can stretch your own wardrobe instead of throwing out busted clothes.


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