What Games You Should Play with Your Gamer Girlfriend

"The more competitive she gets the better it is"

“The more competitive she gets the better it is”

If you’ve gotten a gamer girl as your girlfriend, great! These women are usually bundles of fun, and it’s great to be able to share your hobbies with someone you enjoy spending time with. Just because you’re dating her doesn’t mean you know everything about her, though. If you date a gamer girl, how are you supposed to know what games you should play together? This can actually be a big deal, and it can turn into an area of contention within the relationship if you aren’t prepared. You’re going to want to know what kinds of games to play with her so that you don’t waste any time on your dates trying to decide if she wants to play a Barbie game or a real video game. Here’s what you need to know about what games you should play with your gamer girlfriend, and why:

A Scary Game to Get Her Feeling Cuddly

"How can you resist a woman like this?"

“How can you resist a woman like this?”

Playing scary games may not be your personal favorite thing to do, but it does have its merits. If your girlfriend is jumpy or easily frightened by scary games, then it won’t take that much effort on your part to get her jumping into your arms. This may seem like a cheap tactic, but it’s definitely worth it just to see how she reacts to being scared. Plus, a little bit of cuddling never hurt anyone. She might just wind up liking the game so much that it becomes your favorite date night activity, so there’s no reason why should skip this type of game when you’re trying to decide what to play with her. If nothing else, it might give her a reason to hide her face against you, and that’s always cute.

A MMO for Cooperation Points


If you’re not much of a fan of sitting and playing a game while your girlfriend watches, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t play a MMO together. You can both enjoy the game separately, but still play it when you’re together. Depending on what the MMO is, you can spend tons of time leveling up and exploring the world together. It’s a great way to get closer and spend time together without having to worry about expensive restaurant reservations or anything like that. Try to find one she’s interested in and make a few accounts for you to play together.

Your Favorite Game

"Play your favorite game together"

“Play your favorite game together”

If you have a game that you’ve cherished and held above all others, you should definitely play it with your gamer girlfriend at some point. There’s nothing better than sharing your favorite things with someone you’re close to, and she will appreciate learning more about you and what you like. She may not love it as much as you do, but it’ll still be great fun to be able to share your favorite game with someone else. She might just reciprocate and show you her favorite game, too – it’s a great way to get to know each other and spend some nice quality time together.


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