What Her Dinner Order Says about Her

"You can learn a lot about her by observing what she likes to eat"

“You can learn a lot about her by observing what she likes to eat”

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes that hugely expensive garlic and blue cheese coated steak is just a steak. At the same time, however, if you’ve ever gotten the feeling that what she’s ordering is significant you were really on to something. Now you don’t even have to worry about what; this handy guide will help you keep up with her clues while you’re nabbing a bite to eat together before you make your move on her.

Salads Say She’s a Clich?


A woman who goes to a nice restaurant and orders a fresh green salad is either a vegan, or she’s trying to impress you by how healthy and not likely to get fat she is. She thinks that going out for a salad (which, by the way, she could make at home-as could you. Anyone can chop up vegetables, drizzle on oil and vinegar, and put some goat cheese on it) is the kind of old school, classic move that’s going to make you realize that you’re in the presence of a lady. Just treat her chivalrously, from holding out her chair to opening every door for her, and you’ll be thrilled with how she opens up to you.

Expensive Meal Says You Have to Earn It

"She is playing a power game with you"

“She is playing a power game with you”

If she orders the most expensive thing on the menu and doesn’t say work one about paying for it herself, you’re in for a woman who’s going to make you earn it. The move is a power play, pure and simple, and it says that even though you’re the man and you’re in control she can do things that you may not like and still get what she wants. On the plus side, this means that you can expect to get sex sooner rather than later; women rarely feel the need to make a power play if they’re not then going to give you what you want.

The Same Thing as You Says She’s Working Hard to Impress You

One way to work too hard to impress you is to just get a salad. The other is to try to get the same thing you do because your tastes are just that similar! While there’s a slight chance that she just happened to want the same meal, consider the size of the menu. If there’s only eight dishes, maybe it’s coincidence. If she’s choosing what you chose out of hundreds of items it’s time to take a pass on this.

Just Drinks, Thanks

"If she says she wants a beer then get her a beer"

“If she says she wants a beer then get her a beer”

Most guys hear that she just wants to get a drink and think everything is going way better than they thought. Actually, when a woman says she doesn’t want to get dinner but she could use a beer, it means she could really use a beer right now. She doesn’t want to be too rude to you, but she’s also just not interested in continuing the night with you. An interested woman wants to extend the time you spend together, not reduce it to the time it takes to drink a beer.


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