What to Do When the Woman You like Is Way into Horoscopes

"You need to learn about them too"

“You need to learn about them too”

There are plenty of jokes about women who love horoscopes in pop culture and television series and movies. These jokes do have a foundation in reality, believe it or not. Some women get really into horoscopes, and that can make things a bit awkward for you if you have no knowledge of them. If the woman you want to hook up with or date is super invested in her horoscope, you don’t want to be left in the dust, do you? How are you supposed to relate to a woman who spends all her time talking about her horoscope? It’s not impossible, and it is definitely a skill you’ll want to have when you hit the hookup and casual dating scene. Here’s what you need to know about women who love horoscopes:

Brush up on Your Knowledge of Them

First things first, you’re going to want to brush up on your knowledge of horoscopes. If the woman you’re interested in has a thing for horoscopes, it’s going to be in your best interests to learn at least a little bit about them, too. She’s going to go on about them for long enough, so you’ll want to be able to keep up. Just search for a decent explanation for some of the most popular astrology out there and see what you can learn about horoscopes and astrological signs and all of that. It’ll be enough to keep up with her, which is all that will really matter. You don’t need to become an expert on it. You just need to be able to know what she’s going on about at least some of the time.

Remember That It’s Just for Fun

"Enjoy reading them and don't get hung up on them"

“Enjoy reading them and don’t get hung up on them”

It’s important that you be able to recognize that horoscopes and astrology are really just for fun. The woman you’re pursuing may not recognize this, but you don’t want to fall into the trap of getting too serious about it. Don’t let it dictate your life. Becoming superstitious can happen quite easily if you’re not careful, and it’s not a helpful mentality to have when you hit the dating scene. Just don’t get too serious about it and make sure to keep it on the back burner when you’re doing other things. You don’t want to turn into a fanatic because you tried to learn about it to keep up with one woman in particular.

Running for It if She’s Way Too Serious

Some women take their horoscopes way too seriously. If you realize that she’s one of those people, you’re probably going to want to find someone else to spend your time with. It’s not always a bad sign, but sometimes women who are this invested in their horoscopes and all of that can wind up being not so great to hook up with. You don’t want to get stuck in an overdramatic relationship because you didn’t recognize the warning signs. If she seems fanatic about her astrology hobby, it may be time to make a break for it and find someone else to devote your time to.



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