Korean Brides

Every man wants to choose the best wife, so he is ready to spend years searching for her. Some even forget about borders and consider girls from all over the world. What about Korean beauties? Thousands of men have already found happiness with these mysterious women. It is not necessary to visit South Korea to get a wife among the locals. The Internet and dozens of quality dating sites full of beautiful Korean brides are a great way to find love.


Characteristics of Korean Women


Why are many representatives of the stronger sex willing to travel thousands of miles to find a wife? Read the facts below to learn all the benefits of Korean ladies.


As the beginning, let’s talk about the divine beauty of Korean brides. You can always notice one of them walking down the street. These girls have attractive dark eyes and hair that look great with fair skin. It is also worth noting their delicate glowing face skin, which is often compared with porcelain. Every Korean woman has her own unique features, such as plumper lips or sharp cheekbones. However, this fact doesn’t interfere with accurately determining the representatives of this Asian culture.

Hot Koreans are very attentive to their bodies and prefer healthy thinness. However, sometimes they can go too far with diets. Local girls are always thin and not tall. The average height of an ordinary woman is 5 '5 "(165 cm). Thus, many men choose Korean women for marriage.

Speaking of clothes, a local bride can have huge wardrobes of both identical outfits or millions of different looks. It all depends on the style of a bride. Young beauties prefer to experiment and follow fashion trends. They find their ideal style with age. Women over 30 prefer low-profile outfits. However, they always find a way to show their personality with details.

Family and traditions

Asian women honor local traditions very much. Korean culture is very interesting but difficult. Foreigners can study local rituals and rules for years. Don’t worry, a caring Korean bride will be happy to explain all the details. The hardest thing a man can face is learning Korean. This is not only necessary if you are going to live in the country, but also to get approval from her family. Meeting with parents is very important for every bride, especially for Korean.

Families teach girls to be modest and respect men. Scientists have proven that Korean brides are submissive and treat the stronger sex as leaders. This is the most attractive quality for foreigners seeking love in this country. Local wives have a gentle voice and never yell on their husbands. Korean mail order wives know that only kindness causes the same quality in men. These are ideal mothers who can care for their children fully. At the same time, modern girls are also not afraid to work and can help supply a family.

Korean brides not only understand that a man is a leader in the family but also know that he should always be satisfied in the bedroom. Such a wife is the key to good sex. They are not afraid to discuss intimate questions and are always ready to try something new. This guarantees a passion for many years.


Advantages of a Korean wife

As already mentioned, Korean women understand that a man is a leader in the family and know how to please a beloved husband. However, what else can they offer besides respect and good sex? Lots of benefits!


First, foreign men should know that Korean brides value marriage more than anything. Girls are preparing to become wives from childhood and learn the importance of a strong family. A Local bride will be loyal to her husband and support him in any situation. Divorce is not acceptable! Koreans don't treat it as easily as Americans or Europeans do. A man must also understand the responsibility he takes.

Facts and special studies show that Korean brides choose a family instead of a career. Many Asian cultures have become more relaxed and modern under the influence of European and American culture. However, this doesn’t apply to South Korea. Local wives prefer to devote themselves to children and husband. They are great housewives too. Koreans are known for their love of cleanliness and discipline.

But exceptions can also be. The working wife is an assistant in maintaining family welfare. At the same time, Korean bride remembers that they should also be good mothers.

Korean singles know how to attract a man, but a vulgar appearance is definitely not on their list. Local girls value themselves and hide most of their bodies. This is an excellent partner for those men who want to avoid strangers’ views on his wife.


Features of Korean culture


Korea is divided into two republics: North, the single-party state, and South, the more democratic and accessible. The country accepts different religions, including Christianity and Buddhism. Taekwondo is the most popular sport. Koreans honor their culture and cherish old buildings and landmarks. Any bride will be glad to tell you more about her culture if you show that you are interested in.

Local people value the relationship between a man and a woman and also have their own rules for this. For example, young girls often bring their girlfriends on a first date with a guy to preserve their reputation. Both must decide whether they want to continue communication or not until the end of the meeting. If a girl and a boy are agreed, they are officially considered a couple. At the same time, they can’t have sex until the wedding. This is a taboo, so don’t offend her.


Korean girls stand out not only for their appearance but also for some facts that a man should know. For example, local beauties adore cosmetics and skin care products. Each girl has a dozen creams, lipsticks, mascaras, etc. This is because the beauty industry is very developed and accessible here. Besides, plastic and cosmetic surgeries are also popular in Korea. Girls are not shy and openly talk about this.


Behind the scenes of Korean marriages


Families convince girls that marriage is their main goal and force them to marry early. It’s hard for the rest of the world to accept, but Koreans consider it an absolutely normal thing. This country is a great place for foreigners who want to find a young wife. Local brides are also not against it, because the competition is high and there are not many worthy husbands. A Korean man is considered decent after he does military service.

The government also insists on marriages. Both men and women understand the importance of relationships and maintaining traditions. Korean singles are very sociable and spend a lot of time in social clubs. They love dating sites.


What kind of men do Korean brides choose?


Korean brides are very picky and look only at those representatives of the stronger sex who meet their high criteria. For example, they are obsessed with high males. The ideal height of a man is 5 '11 "(180 cm) and the higher the better. If you are considered a giant in your country, you will get a lot of attention in Korea.


Finances are also very important. No parents will give their daughter to the man who can’t supply her. The groom must have enough money to give his wife and children a decent life. Besides, Korean brides dream to go abroad and live luxury. It is also worth noting that if you want to find a wife among the beauties of Seoul, this criterion is very important. This is a very expensive city and local brides love gifts and attention.


Korean brides are ready to devote themselves to the man who values them. These beauties feel oppressed in their own country and don’t want to be just housewives. They agree to give their love to their husband and children only if they feel surrounded by warmth and respect. It is more important than the look and money.


Why do Korean girls want to marry a foreigner?


First of all, it is necessary to note that Asian culture allows women to date and marry foreigners. Every bride wants to choose the best man and uses all means for this.

As mentioned earlier, Korean brides have very high requirements for men. European and American males look more courageous and attractive. They are more interested in foreigners than locals, who look smaller and dim compared to other nationalities. In addition, Koreans adore the standard European beauty. Fortunately for both parties, Asian culture does not forbid international relationships and mixed bloods.

Despite the fact that Korean brides appreciate family and traditions, they want to get out of their country and learn the world. They understand that only a foreigner can give them such an opportunity. A girl can not only move to another country but also travel if the man’s finances allow this.


Asian brides understand that other more modern cultures allow women more than their own one do. Korea hasn’t yet come to gender equality and many brides feel offended. Local beauties want to get a decent education and build a career. They know that this is possible only abroad. In addition, they want to get a man who understands their need for self-realization. Their fathers forbid them to work and have male hobbies. A Korean wife can be a great help in maintaining a family budget.


Tips for creating a good profile on a dating site


It may seem that Korean mail order wives are predisposed to relationships with any foreigner on a dating site. Often, men make many mistakes by relying on this fact. However, this is far from reality. Korean ladies know their value and are very picky. They study every detail of the profile and find out the maximum about the candidate during the chat before making a choice. So, what are the most important criteria for these girls? Here is what is needed to start dating a Korean bride in short:

  • enough photos to understand the appearance of a man;
  • pics of his hobby;
  • answers to questions in a profile;
  • additional information, interesting facts.


Now, let's look at each criterion separately. Photos are the first things that both girls and men pay attention to. Pictures must be of high quality. A userpic should show a man's face; a portrait is a great option. If you like to travel, show the places where you have already been. Korean women love those who are not sitting still and can show them the whole world. They also pay attention to what a man wears. Clothing must be clean and ironed.


When a bride is done with photos, she turns to what a man has written about himself. Every dating platform offers ready-made questions that interest a bride. Man must fill them. They also help the system pick matches. The main thing is to write the truth because the lie can be easily reviled during the chat. A man can also indicate additional interesting facts about himself in a special box. This may be his achievement in his career, sports, information about what he does in his free time, future plans, etc. Don’t write an essay; three-five sentences are enough.


Tips for successful chatting


It must be said that every decent dating agency requires membership fees for communication and additional features. Sometimes messages can be available for free, but it is better to upgrade to VIP level or buy credits. Firstly, it tells a bride that the man is serious and really wants to find a Korean wife. Secondly, paid features including an auto-translator. Not all girls on the sites speak English. Thus, a man shows himself a gentleman who wants to create a comfortable environment for his lady.


When chatting with a Korean bride, a man should remember that her culture is very different from his one. He must think twice before joking so as not to put the interlocutor in an uncomfortable situation. The best topics for talking are each other's interests. The system of dating sites selects men and women according to their profiles, so the couple should have a lot in common. It is important to remember that every bride love compliments. Tell her that she is very beautiful, that this dress looks great on her, that you are dreaming to try the food she cooks, etc.


A bride will be very pleased if a man shows interest in her culture. She will also be glad to learn new things about other countries too. Single Korean women seem very open, but don’t rush with personal questions until a bride is ready. She will tell about family, friends and personal life when the moment is right.




Korean mail order bride is a great option for foreigners who are looking for a faithful wife and a caring mother. She will always support her man and make him happy. These brides dress modestly and take care of their body and skin. Asian dating sites are a great way to meet Korean women. It is much cheaper and easier than going to the country. Knowledge of the language isn’t required as the platforms offer an auto-translator.


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