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Not only does it not work at the best of times, but this bizarre, buggy site usually has some wires crossed, leading to a lot of sketchy, scammy results.

The most annoying aspect of the B2.com.au site is the fact that it honestly doesn’t work most of the time. For the most part, it just tries to redirect to unrelated sites.

That’s not safe.

Obviously, if a site isn’t working correctly on that level, there’s something else entirely going on. That’s not something that anyone is going to want to waste time with.

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This site really does need to clean up its active if it’s going to continue claiming to be a dating site. In general, it doesn’t seem to really care about that, however, and we hate that.

When a site just checks out mentally this far, what’s the point? You certainly aren’t going to be able to get anyone to date you here, especially if it’s this buggy overall.

The Numbers Aren’t Enough

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our B2 review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 150 chat messages to women that we met online during it.

It sucked.

From those 150 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 27 responses total. This was just not good enough, and that really did show in the rest of our results.

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From those 27 responses, not a single woman wanted to even think of going out and meeting up with us in person. This was really a huge indicator of how bad the site was.

We weren’t happy, and there was no way that we would ever be happy on a site like this one. It’s just not worth it, and we’re sure that there are other, better places to be.

The Site Features Are Awful

Every single moment that was spent on the B2 Australian dating site was enough to leave us in a panic that we were going to get scammed, and that’s because it’s just not secure.

We hate that.

Security is something that’s very, very important to us online, and that’s why you absolutely can’t waste time on here. This site just doesn’t even care about your safety at all.

There’s a good chance that you’ll be redirected to a porn site, or sometimes, an electronics site. Neither of these sites obviously have anything to do with dating online.

That’s why we really hated it, and that’s why there’s no point to even trying. No one is going to want to put up with this, either, least of all women that are looking for you.

Some Horrid News

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B2.com.au is a Really Big Failure of an Online Dating Site, and We Saw That Coming

A site like this one is just not good enough, and that’s why we were really not happy with B2.com.au. This site just can’t even come close to delivering the results you need.

It sucks.

This site is really one of the worst that we’ve seen in awhile, and that’s because it just doesn’t care about your safety in the slightest. That’s a really huge warning sign for sure.

We hated this site, and we know for a fact that the admins have just mentally checked out entirely. It’s not the kind of site that they’re going to end up changing for the better.

Wasting time here is one of the worst decisions that you could make. Skip it, and you’ll definitely end up being that much happier, and that much safer when it comes to these sites.

You can do better.

Instead of a site like this one, you should be spending time on our number one site for dating, Xpress.com. It’s the best of the best, and we’ve proven that it really works.

Give it a shot, and you can see exactly how much you’ve been missing. You deserve a site that’s going to give you a real chance, not a run for your safety and money.

That’s why we keep coming back to it. Give it a real shot, and you can see what it’s really worth. Chances are, you’ll end up loving it just as much as we did. We’re sure of that.


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