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Instead of actually advertising to get real membership coming in, the admins here are content to lie to you with padded numbers and fake profiles.

We have to admit, JustSingles.com starts off with a cute concept and a decent layout, but the more that you delve into this site, the more you realize it’s just a scam.

It’s all lies.

This site claims to have some seriously active and large numbers when in reality, all of that is padded. There’s no way in hell that you’re ever going to meet women here.

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This site doesn’t do anywhere near enough advertising, and that’s something that really turned us off of it. There’s just not a chance for anyone to really find this site.

With that in mind, there’s no reason that they should be lying about who has really joined up here–it’s pretty obvious. Still, that’s what they do, and that’s why it’s no good.

The Numbers Don’t Even Come Close

We ended up spending a grand total of four months on our JustSingles review, and during that time, we sent out a total of 150 chat messages to women we met online.

It was just no good.

From those 150 chat messages, we could only get a grand total of 2 ladies to actually respond to us. This was obviously pitiful, and not something that we were into.

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From those 2 messages, we couldn’t get either of those women to actually chat with us about meeting in person. This definitely proved to us that it wasn’t worth it at all.

This whole site was just a study in how not to run a dating site, and there’s nothing that you can do in order to fix that. The best thing that you can do is run away.

These Features Sucked

This is one site that’s just going to make you perpetually roll your eyes, and that’s a fact. That’s because everything about the JustSingles Australian dating site is all fake.

They don’t care.

If this site actually cared about your experience, then they would actually make the effort to give you a fighting chance by properly advertising and getting membership counts up.

Instead, they just try to pad the site and lie to you in general. They think that it’s entirely acceptable to just lie to you and make you think that you’re getting a real chance.

Trust us, you aren’t. This is just a dead, empty site, and nothing is going to change that until they really take the time to advertise the site and get more women to join.

Bad News All Around

These are guys she might end up leaving you for, so watch out: http://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/5-guys-she-might-leave-you-for/page/2?cid=OBtrafficMH_TBD_SB4&cid=outbrain_MH&obref=obinsource

These are bodies that you might really enjoy having for her: http://www.menshealth.com/video/best-body-according-ladies?cid=OBtrafficMH_TBD_SB2&cid=outbrain_MH&obref=obinsite#/video/all

Don’t be too quick to tell her that you love her: http://www.menshealth.com/video/dont-tell-her-you-love-her?cid=OBtrafficMH_TBD_SB2&cid=outbrain_MH&obref=obinsite#/video/all

JustSingles.com Isn’t a Good Online Dating Site in Any Way, Shape, or Form

We were really not happy with JustSingles.com, and that’s why this site is just not worth it at all. Instead of wasting your time here, you need to move onto a much better site.

This one is a scam.

Spending your time on a site like this one isn’t going to even come close to delivering results. Instead, it’s mostly just going to end up ruining your time online without a doubt.

That’s why we were so frustrated. This site is just full of scammers and fake profiles, and that’s the kind of thing that just needs to be shut down almost immediately.

We couldn’t wait to move on and go to a site that would actually give you some good results. This isn’t going to be one of those sites, and that’s why we really hated it.

Forget this one.

We were really frustrated with this site, and that’s why it was a blessing to move on and go back to our number one site for dating, Xpress.com. It really does the trick.

With a great site, you can definitely end up getting the right results. You’ll actually be able to meet women, and you’ll actually be able to have some fun like you’re supposed to.

Forget wasting your time. Go for a site that’s actually going to give you what you want. Our number one site is going to do that, and that’s why you can count on our results.


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