What Her Profile Pic Says about Her

Profile pictures aren’t quite the magic eight ball we’d all love for them to be. It would make life a lot easier if you could decipher what her profile picture is saying without having to talk to her. While there are exceptions for every rule, these general rules of thumb will help you parse out a profile pic so you know what you’re getting into when you send her that all important first message. Know the kind of woman you’re dealing with and you’ll know just how to get the cookie to crumble. Boobs on Display When a woman really wants you to look at her rack in her profile pic, go ahead and get an eyeful. She’s the one who put that out there for you to see. A lot of men assume that a boob-filled profile picture is a sure sign that she wants casual sex. What it actually means is that she wants attention. She might be up for something casual and she might not, but there’s no way that you’re going to know which just by looking at her profile picture. You should message her, but proceed with caution. Formal Wear Women break out the slinky black dress paired with an elegant bun when they want…

3 Areas of Your Appearance You’re Accidentally Neglecting

Looking good for the women you want to date is a whole body affair. You can’t just focus in on one area of your appearance and expect everything else to work out. That’s a great way to end up with a cool hairstyle but ratty clothes that make you look like a bum. You don’t want her to think that you’ve been out hopping from train to train all day. Instead, she should get an impression of the whole package when she looks at you. Every part of your appearance should be well put together. You might think that you’ve got everything under control, but the truth is much different. Pretty much every guy is forgetting one or two areas of their appearance. They’re embarrassing themselves every time they go out on a date with a woman. Don’t be one of those guys. Consider the following three things you should be doing to look your best. Don’t Forget to Trim All Those Weird Hairs Shaving your face is one thing. That’s a routine that you’ve had down for a long time. You usually don’t forget to shave, and it’s pretty easy to tell when you have. But what about all those other body hairs that you’re missing? Have you thought…


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