Signs You’re Interested in a Sex-Only Relationship

As any dude who’s in the dating game knows, things can get confusing as to what you really want and what you think you need. Sometimes it’s easy to confuse emotion with lust and vice versa, which can really complicate things unnecessarily. Before you go committing yourself to something long-term with a woman, you need to make damn sure that you know what you’re really after. If you say yes to committed dating but you’re really only interested in how the two of you are in bed together, you’re setting yourself up for a disastrous break-up somewhere down the line. Learn to recognize what you’re really looking for and you’ll be able to avoid all kinds of messes. You Don’t Like Her Company Just because you want someone doesn’t mean you need to like them. In fact, some of the best sexual hookups stem from people who don’t necessarily like each other. If you find that spending time with her outside of bed is taxing and tedious, it’s a clear sign that you’re just not that into her in a dating sense. The same goes if you can’t stand most of what she says or does (outside sex, of course). Basically, if the only time you want to be around…

How Soon Is Too Soon for Sex?

Dating is largely a guessing game, which makes it pretty tough for some dudes to get it all right. One of the biggest guesses related to dating is the big issue of sex: does she want it? When does she want it? How does she want it? Unsurprisingly, because of these questions, sex is often the torpedo that can sink your dating aspirations, leaving you confused and sexually frustrated. While there’s no exact answer for the question as to how soon is too soon, there are indicator signs that should be able to steer you in the right direction. Maturity Makes a Difference If you’re both in your early twenties, you’re probably both going to want to hop in the sack quickly. This isn’t always the case the older you get. In fact, once you’re in the mid-30’s, you tend to realize that banging her as soon as you can isn’t necessarily going to cement your relationship. How soon you decide to hop in the sack with each other will very much depend on your maturity levels as well as where you are in life. As well, when you’re older you’ll realize just how much sex can complicate things as opposed to when you’re younger and getting off is basically…

3 Things to Do Before You Pick Her Up in Your Car

Getting ready to go and pick up a lady for a date is a thrilling experience. It’s also a stressful one. There are a ton of things that you need to keep track of when you’re getting ready. How does your hair look? Are your shoes shined? Do you have any spinach stuck in your teeth? Everything has to be perfect, since you want her to be blown away when she opens the door and sees you. That first impression is key. Once you’ve gotten all that taken care of, you head on outside to start driving over. That’s when you realize you’ve forgotten one of the most important things: you didn’t clean out your car. If you’re like most guys, it’s probably filled with empty fast food containers, porno mags, and old energy drink cans. You can’t let her sit in that mess! That’s why you need to remember three important things about your car before every date. Get Rid of Everything That Doesn’t Belong Clean out your car before every date you go on. Don’t leave anything in there that even remotely looks like trash. In fact, you should also take this opportunity to get rid of as much clutter as possible from your car. Most people let…

3 Status Symbols She’s Going to Be Looking For

Looking good to the women you want to meet is a big part of the recipe for success. If you aren’t looking swanky as hell when you pick up a lady for a date, she’s going to judge you right away. Don’t ruin your chances before you even begin. Make sure your outfit is nice and put together before you even go out the door. That’s not all there is to looking good, though. You can have a nice suit and still fail to pass her test. Why’s that? The truth is, she’s going to be on the lookout for some status symbols, too. She wants to know that you’ll be able to take care of her. That means showing her that you’ve got the dough to do that. You don’t just want to flaunt your wealth all willy-nilly in front of her, though. You’ve got to be subtle about it. If you’re ready to do more than just dressing to impress, read ahead. Here are the the three biggest things she’s going to be looking for in your life. A Nice Car Says It All About You If you pull up to pick her up in an old beater that backfires every time you step on the gas, you…


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