Useful Skills You Can Learn That Will Help You Score Women

When you’re thinking about how you will be attracting women to hook up with and date, you’re probably only thinking about things like your appearance and attitude. This is fine, but it doesn’t quite cover everything you need to do. There are other ways you can improve yourself to have better chances at hooking up with women. You can learn some skills that could actually wind up getting you much better chances with women, believe it or not. These are usually not things you would bother to learn on your own, but it can give you a big advantage with some of the women you will wind up meeting online. If you’re interested in being able to attract as many women as possible and for as many reasons as possible, then you’ll want to consider picking up some of these skills. Here’s what you need to know about picking up new skills to impress women: Learn How to Braid Hair – Yes, Really! We know this may seem a bit preposterous to you, but the truth is that this can be an amazing skill to have. Women usually love having their hair played with, and if you know how to braid her hair, she will be putty in your hands.…

Impress for Less: How to Disguise Your Cheap Dates

It’s time to face the facts about going out on lots of dates with lots of different women: it’s expensive. Those appetizers and entrees really start to add up after a while. What about if she wants dessert? That’s even more money! If you’ve had to start stiffing your waiter on the tip just to be able to pay for the meal, you have a problem. You might be too concerned with keeping up appearances when it comes to your dates. There’s no reason you can’t take her out on a cheap date instead. In fact, it’s easy to disguise your cheap dates to make them look fancier than they actually are. It’s an easy solution to a difficult problem. You won’t lose any respect from your date, but you also won’t lose more money out of your bank account than you can afford. Here are the easy ways to dress things up. Fancier Dress Equals a Fancier Date A quick way to jazz up any cheap date is to dress for the occasion. If the two of you are heading out the door looking like you might as well be heading to the beach, it’s a problem. If you aren’t dressing for success, you’re not going to be a…

Casual Dating Vs. Committed Dating

It’s not always super easy to figure out what you want when it comes to dating. If you’re a healthy dude, sex is probably a huge-if not the most important-factor. But there are likely other things you’d like thrown into the mix, like companionship and someone with a sense of humor, which is why it can be so hard to actually pinpoint if you’re interested in a relationship that’s long-term or in one that’s short and sweet. If you’re on the fence about what you’d like but you’re eager to start dating, you just need to weight the pros and cons of commitment vs. casual to get a good sense of what appeals to you most. Casual: More Freedom If you feel like you’d like to start seeing women but you’re not sure that you’re ready to be tied down, casual dating is absolutely the way to go. There are little expectations attached to this kind of dating, usually because it’s understood at the start that you’re not looking for something long-term and neither is she. This makes it a great option for the kind of guy who still wants his nights free to hang out with his buddies without worrying about letting down the girlfriend. Committed: More Fulfilling If,…


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