How to Craft a Love Connection Profile

The best thing about online dating is that it’s so easy to be blunt. You can make up a profile about yourself and very clearly state what a woman needs to do to be someone you could fall in love with. This is a pretty shockingly clear way to put it, but if you’re serious about meeting a woman who fits your expectations and has what you need in a long term goal kind of way, look online. Be honest, and build the profile that’s going to snag you the woman of your dreams. Get the Right Profile Pic First of all, don’t have anything gross in your background. Wipe down the wall, clean off the bathroom mirror, or at least put your boxers away before you snap a pic with them in the background. Next up? Get a good picture of your face. Your abs should be showcased in another picture, but for now focus on those baby blues and the bright smile that goes with them. Smile to seem open, but look slightly off camera; women think that men who look into the camera (imitating eye contact) look too eager according to recent studies. Put in Your Hobbies and Interests This is about love, and love might be…

3 Lies Women Tell Online

It might not surprise you to learn that women lie. It might not even surprise you to learn that they lie even more online. When a woman is filling out a profile she’s going to embellish the truth a little, partly out of the desire to be that person and also perhaps out of sheer ignorance. Still, it’s always best to approach women’s dating profiles with a few grains of salt handy, because there are three really common lies that basically everyone tells. They Make Themselves Shorter Short women are considered cuter. If a woman is not abnormally short (say, below 5 feet tall) then she is probably going to shave something off her height. The most common difference is for her to take the “and change” off. If she’s 5’8 and 3/4ths, she’s probably going to say that she’s just 5’8. Of course, if you happen to be actually 5’8, when you meet things are going to get awkward. Still, women take that risk every day because they want to seem petite in their profile. At least with this the difference is mostly harmless. It can get worse. They Make Themselves Thinner To be fair, men are guilty of this too. Pretty much everyone on line wouldn’t mind dropping…


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