Knowing When the Time is Right to Bring Her Back to Your Place

If you’ve been dating a woman for a little while, you’ve probably also been playing the guessing game as to how soon is too soon to bring her back to your place. If you ask too soon, chances are she’s going to think you’re a sex-crazed fiend who only wants her body. On the other hand, if you leave it too long she’s going to get pissed and think you’re not really interested in committing. In order to avoid both of these less than awesome scenarios, you need to pay attention to how your relationship is going and how into you she seems to be. You’re Both Obviously Horny With some women, the lust is going to be obvious right away. With others, it might take a while for you to figure out if she wants you or not. If the spark is immediate and strong between you and still going strong after a few dates, it’s time to bring her on back to your place. If you’re one of the really lucky dudes, you might even be able to swing this on the first date. However, chances are good that you’ll have to wait a few before this is a possibility. An obvious sign that she’s ready to visit…

4 Lies All Men Tell Online

If you’ve ever been tempted to enhance your attributes online, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Men and women both regularly lie in their online dating profiles, and though men and women lie about different things they all have the same goal: be more attractive. If you’re wondering whether or not it’s okay to fib a little in your profile, the ultimate answer is that it’s up to you, but you’re competing against guys who are basically lying about these four things all the time. You Add an Inch to Your Height Men want to be taller. Even really tall men might lie a bit and round up when putting their height in. Being 6’7 is better than being 6’6.5, right? No matter what height you are it is common to want to enhance the truth. The only problem with doing this is that women lie to make themselves shorter. This means that if you say you’re 5’9 when you’re 5’8, and she says she’s 5’7 when she’s really 5’8, you could have a very awkward first meeting as you both realize you’re the same height after all. Drop a Few Pounds Everyone wants to be thinner. It’s not that bad to cut off 5 or 10 pounds. People…


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