The Best Gifts to Bring to a First Date

Don’t you just love the look on a woman’s face when you show up with the perfect gift for her? Of course you do. That’s the look that says you’re doing something right. It means you might end up with a pretty sexy reward later on in the evening. That’s what makes giving gifts at the start of your first date so worth it. You never know when it’s going to pay out rewards further down the line. If you’re going to give her something, though, you need to make sure that it’ll please her. You can’t show up with a bunch of your old porno mags and expect her to accept them happily. Don’t do that. Instead, focus on the traditional gifts. These are winners every single time. Not only do you look like a gentleman, but you look like you respect and enjoy tradition. Women will appreciate that a lot. If you’re not sure what makes for a good gift, though, you should read on. Here are a few ideas for the best first date gifts. Flowers and Chocolates Can Never Go Wrong In life, some things are just classics for a reason. Flowers and chocolates are traditional gifts because you can’t go wrong with them. Finding a…

Signs You’re Interested in Something Long-Term

Sometimes, it can be confusing as to what you really want in a relationship. Your body might fool you into thinking that all you want is sex, but there’s always a possibility that you’re actually mentally hoping for a relationship that will transition into something more lasting. If you’re on the bench on what you’d really like from a woman but you want to try dating, it’s probably a good idea to know beforehand what you’re really interested in. There are always going to be signs; you just need to know how to recognize them. These may not manifest themselves until after you’ve spent some time with a woman, so don’t be surprised if suddenly your outlook on her relationship with her changes. You Want Company A huge part of wanting a lasting relationship is wanting to be in her company. If you’ve met or hooked up a couple of times and you find yourself craving more than just her body, it’s a good indicator that you’re actually thinking on some level that she might be decent relationship material. The same goes if you find yourself thinking repeatedly about the conversations you’ve had and everything she said-this isn’t something you do if you’re only interested in a woman as a…

First Date Indicators: Casual or Long-Term?

While it’s tough to figure out where a relationship is headed after a first date, it’s not impossible. There are going to be all kinds of hard-to-read signs that will give you a good idea as to whether this woman is long-term, commitment material or whether she’s casual hookup material. Of course, unless you know how to spot these signs you probably won’t have any idea where things are headed after that first meeting. If you’d like to be able to know what possibilities there are, you need to be able to identify all the first date indicators and interpret what they mean. Fortunately for you, it’s really not all that hard. She’s Distant You might think that the fact that she constantly checks her phone or avoids eye contact with you is because she’s shy, but chances are that what she’s doing is keeping herself distant from you on purpose. If she really makes no attempt to bond with you or share some things about herself, it’s because she doesn’t think you’re right for her. Instead of forcing yourself to play along until the night is over, you can cut your losses early and call her on it. She’ll either be relieved that you agree that this won’t work…


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