What You Can Learn about Her from Her Favorite Books

When you want to get to know about the women you want to hook up with or date, you might not realize that you can learn quite a bit about her from finding out what her favorite books are. It’s something she probably put on her dating profile, but it is also probably something you barely skimmed or paid attention to. Believe it or not, her favorite books can tell you quite a bit about what kind of woman she is and what your hookup will be like. It’s time to stop ignoring that list of her favorite books, and start taking notice of what she reads for fun. If you notice a long list of books on her profile, it probably means she reads quite a lot, and that means her books can tell you a lot about her. Here’s what her favorite book might reveal about her personality, and the fate of your hookup: She’s a Dreamer If her favorite books are all high fantasy and sci-fi novels, you’re dealing with a dreamer. She may spend most of her time daydreaming the hours away, but that can be a good thing for you! Chances are that she has a highly imaginative mind, which can absolutely transfer over to…

The Worst Gifts to Bring to a First Date

When you go out on a date, there are a lot of things you can do to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Sometimes, that’s as simple as calling in and making a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Other times, it means bringing along a gift so you can really impress your date. Giving gifts is a tradition as old as time. Making her happy right at the start of the date is an excellent way to make sure she has a good time all night long. That doesn’t mean you can just give her any gift that you want, though. You’ve got to actually put some thought into what you buy. If you show up with the wrong gift, it could spell disaster for you and your entire dating experience. At best, the rest of your night will just be awkward. In the worst scenarios, though, your date will just want to bail on you before things even get started. That’s what bringing the wrong gift could do. Even if you’re tired of bringing flowers and chocolates, don’t bring one of these items along to your first meeting. A Puppy is Not a Good First Time Gift Never try to give a woman you’ve just met a new animal.…

How to Know When You’re Getting Stood Up

Going out on dates is a lot of fun. You get to spend the whole day feeling the buildup of excitement as you get ready to see her. You probably spend your entire routine thinking about how the date is going to go. Whether you’re in the shower or trimming up your beard, you’re fired up. You’re ready to go out and have a great time. If you’re lucky, you’ll even manage to really impress the woman you’re meeting. She said she’d meet you someplace, so you head on out the door to get there a little early. Once you arrive, you settle in and wait for her to show up. A little bit of waiting starts to turn into a lot of waiting. After a while, you might start to worry that she’s had an accident or that some other bad thing has happened. Chances are, though, you’re just getting stood up. It sucks, but it’s a part of life. Sometimes women are just going to leave you out in the cold. How can you tell the difference between being late and getting stood up, though? It’s easy, and here’s how you can do it. The Restaurant is Closing and She’s Not There How long have you been waiting…

Casual Dating Vs. Committed Dating

It’s not always super easy to figure out what you want when it comes to dating. If you’re a healthy dude, sex is probably a huge-if not the most important-factor. But there are likely other things you’d like thrown into the mix, like companionship and someone with a sense of humor, which is why it can be so hard to actually pinpoint if you’re interested in a relationship that’s long-term or in one that’s short and sweet. If you’re on the fence about what you’d like but you’re eager to start dating, you just need to weight the pros and cons of commitment vs. casual to get a good sense of what appeals to you most. Casual: More Freedom If you feel like you’d like to start seeing women but you’re not sure that you’re ready to be tied down, casual dating is absolutely the way to go. There are little expectations attached to this kind of dating, usually because it’s understood at the start that you’re not looking for something long-term and neither is she. This makes it a great option for the kind of guy who still wants his nights free to hang out with his buddies without worrying about letting down the girlfriend. Committed: More Fulfilling If,…


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