How to Tell if You’re Just Her Booty Call

There are different types of dating styles out there, which can really make it confusing when you’re trying to figure out what kind of relationship you have with a woman. Some dating relationships are in the beginner stages where you’re both still learning about each other. Some are focused on having as much fun with each other as you possibly can without worrying too much about the future. Some are focused entirely on growing and becoming more and more committed. And then you have the ones that are focused entirely on sex. While a lot of guys are going to think the last example is the best one, this isn’t necessarily the case for men who are actually interested in being in a serious relationship. It can be kind of hard to figure out if she actually likes you or if she only wants you for sex, but if you pay attention to the details you should be able to understand which it is. She Knows You Best Naked If she spends more time acquainting herself with your naked body than any other aspect of you, it’s pretty clear that she’s just using you for sex. Sometimes it’s tough to spot this, particularly if you both lead busy lives. However,…

4 Signs She’s Looking for Love Online

There are two kinds of online daters in the world: the ones looking for Mr. or Miss Right, and those who just want Mr. or Miss Right Now. One of the worst mistakes that can happen on a dating site (right after accidentally finding your sister’s casual sex profile, for example) is getting your signals crossed with someone who wants a different kind of relationship than you do. No matter how nice you are or how sexy she seems, if you’re not on the same page then you’re just not. Keep an eye out for women who want to find love by looking for these tips. She Doesn’t Mention Casual Sex This seems like a really obvious thing, but it’s not actually as straight forward as you think it is. Even women who aren’t really interested in casual sex by itself will often check that box in their profile because it gives them more attention. If they’re looking for casual dating or a friends with benefits situation, casual sex is a better bet for them even if they don’t want the full no strings experience. If she doesn’t bring up casual sex at all, she’s serious about finding someone serious about her. Her Profile Pic Is in Formal Wear Yes,…

3 Lies Women Tell Online

It might not surprise you to learn that women lie. It might not even surprise you to learn that they lie even more online. When a woman is filling out a profile she’s going to embellish the truth a little, partly out of the desire to be that person and also perhaps out of sheer ignorance. Still, it’s always best to approach women’s dating profiles with a few grains of salt handy, because there are three really common lies that basically everyone tells. They Make Themselves Shorter Short women are considered cuter. If a woman is not abnormally short (say, below 5 feet tall) then she is probably going to shave something off her height. The most common difference is for her to take the “and change” off. If she’s 5’8 and 3/4ths, she’s probably going to say that she’s just 5’8. Of course, if you happen to be actually 5’8, when you meet things are going to get awkward. Still, women take that risk every day because they want to seem petite in their profile. At least with this the difference is mostly harmless. It can get worse. They Make Themselves Thinner To be fair, men are guilty of this too. Pretty much everyone on line wouldn’t mind dropping…


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