Death and Politics: First Date Conversations That You’ve Got to Shy From

Being able to carry on a conversation is an integral skill when it comes to dating. That being said, some conversations really don’t need to ever end up happening in person.

These topics are no good.

Some topics might be fantastic for dates, but others are just going to end up ruining the night. That’s why this is an important part of our dating tips without a doubt.

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This obviously isn’t just exclusive to online dating, but it can really end up making the difference between meeting in person ever again, and having a steady relationship.

If you don’t have anything to talk about…obviously, your relationship isn’t going to end up lasting very long in the first place, but these are topics to outright avoid at all costs.

Some Conversation Topics Just Never Need to See the Light of Day. We Know all About That, so Read On.

No matter how desperate the conversation front looks, these are the kinds of topics that just never need to come out. If you wouldn’t bring them up on a first meeting normally, don’t do it here.

The more time that you spend avoiding these topics, the better. Unless you’ve talked about them online courtesy of her own prompting, they aren’t good first date topics at all.

We’re here to steer you away from them because honestly, they can kill a mood in a second. You just don’t want to end up ruining what would otherwise be a great date.

Skip politics, of course.

It should go without saying, but shockingly, a lot of guys seem to think that political conversations are a perfectly valid thing to end up bringing up at a first date.

That’s really not the case at all, and it can end up making both of you pretty huffy if you don’t agree. It’s one thing if you’ve talked about it beforehand and decided you both have the same opinions.

If you do end up touching on a topic like this, it’s best to quickly veer in the direction of something more low-key and humorous, or else you can quickly ruin your chances.

Skip current events, too.

Fist To Head

Whenever you’re thinking about dating strategies, one of the most important things that you can consider is the ability to really get rid of current events in every conversation.

While this might seem like a fairly normal, mundane thing to think about, you also need to consider that she might have different opinions about the same stuff that you’ve thought about.

Avoiding the topic altogether is generally the way to go, and it’s certainly going to make it a lot easier for you to just relax and chat about more easy-going things over dinner.

Don’t get too personal.

Another important thing to remember about dates is to not get too personal at the beginning. Once you’ve gotten to know one another, that’s something different, of course.

First dates are not the place to pry into the darkness of past relationships, or to end up touching on topics that can really end up bringing you both into a depressed mood.

It’s best to keep it light, and to focus on interests that you’re both quite into instead. This will keep things a lot easier to stomach throughout the evening, that’s for sure.

Don’t push.

If you really want to know something but she’s not budging, then it’s just better not to push. There is a time and a place for certain conversations, and a first date isn’t one of them for most things.

You just need to take your time. Just like with any dates, some conversations will happen faster than others. Just because it’s an online relationship doesn’t mean that’s going to change.

Have fun, and be courteous.


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