Vital Features No Dating Site Can Survive Without

Whenever you’re using online dating sites, the last thing that you’re ever going to want to do is use a site that just plain doesn’t have the most basic of features that you need.

We know what’s up.

Whenever we’re doing our online dating site reviews, we immediately take note of sites that just plain don’t have the most basic of things. Without these features, you’ll fail.

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That’s because these features are the bread and butter of any online site, and that is going to help you actually get the dates that you’ve been dying to have all along.

Suffering through a dating site without these basic things is literally the opposite of what you need to do. Without a reliable source for these things, it’s just time to leave.

The Right Features Will Make a Site Outstanding, but You Still Need the Basics. Here’s What You Need.

Starting out by looking for the basics will really help you determine if a dating site is going to be worth it for you in the long haul. Without them, it’ll just be a disaster area.

We figured out this sort of thing pretty quickly whenever we started using dating sites online, and it’s really shaped our choices. We know that we deserve at least these things.

Here’s the thing: you just aren’t going to end up getting any dates without this sort of stuff. Trust us, it matters, and it’s the kind of thing that’s going to really help you out.

Start with a good search feature.

If you can’t find the girls that you’re interested in, what’s the point? That’s something that we always look for right off the bat whenever we’re doing our online dating site ratings.

The right search feature can make your life really, really easy when it comes to narrowing down the kinds of ladies that you’re looking for, and you deserve that ease of use.

A site without this is just going to end up going downhill faster than you could ever imagine. No one is going to want to end up putting up with this sort of thing, trust us.

You need good customer service.

Any dating site without a solid customer service base is going to quickly go down the gutter. This is because anything could happen, even on the best sites online, and we know that.

If you can’t have your basic questions answered whenever you’re using a site, then what is going to happen if you do somehow end up getting scammed? This is what you have to ask yourself.

Whenever you’re using a site, if you can’t ever get in touch with customer service, then it’s time to really just turn around and go to another site. It’s just not worth it.

You need a good layout.

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Without a doubt, a good dating site is going to end up needing a great layout. If you can’t end up getting around the site easily, then no one else is going to want to use it.

A horrible layout is going to end up being the cause of many a site’s demise. We’ve proven that with our reviews, and we know with a glance if it’s going to be good or not.

Don’t find yourself stuck on a site just because you think that it might be workable. If it isn’t easy to use, then it’s time to just get the hell off of that site overall.

Finally, you need a messaging system.

If you can’t actually chat up the girls on the dating site, then there’s just not much of any point to using the site. That’s why you need a site that has a good in-site messaging system.

Without this particular feature, all of your work is going to be for naught. We’ve proven that, and we’ve seen time and time again how many sites just fail without this.

Good luck, and make sure to always find these features!


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Our Highest-Ranked Dating Sites

#1 Site: Xpress
#2 Site: Match
#3 Site: eHarmony


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