What You Can Learn about Her from Her Favorite Movies

You might not think this is true, but you can learn quite a bit about a woman just by knowing what her favorite movies are. You won’t learn her entire life story just by finding out that her favorite movie is Finding Nemo, but you can learn quite a bit about her personality. Knowing what her favorite movies are will help you understand more about her and how you should approach her. It’s a useful skill to have when you’re trying to hook up with women or start casually dating. There are tons of different tpyes of movies out there, though, and that can make things a bit difficult to puzzle out. Here’s what you can learn about a woman just by finding out what her favorite movies are, and how you can apply this information to your hookups or relationships: She Loves Romance, Cheesy or Not If her favorite movie is a stereotypical chick flick that can tell you quite a bit about what she’s into. Basically, she loves romance, cheesy or otherwise. This may seem like a red flag to you at first, especially if you’re just hoping to have a casual fling or a one night stand. How can you have a no strings attached fling if…

How to Please a Nerdy Girl in Bed

One of the best parts about using online dating sites is the fact that you can meet tons of different women. You never know what personality types you’ll run into. Sampling the variety of ladies out there is a ton of fun. You can’t expect to do it for very long if you don’t know how to please them, though. Every woman is different, but there are a few broad things to keep in mind when it comes to pleasuring them. Change up your lovemaking habits based on the type of woman you’re seeing. What if she’s super nerdy? Do you know how to handle a woman who spends a lot of her free time writing fan-fiction on the Internet? If you don’t, you better not expect to be seeing her again. Lucky for you, it’s pretty easy to get nerdy girls to enjoy themselves in bed. You just have to have the practical know how to do it. Not sure where you would even begin to untangle the enigma lurking under her hoodie? Never fear! Here are three simple tricks you can use in bed with her. Ask Her About Doing Some Sexy Roleplaying One of the easiest ways to make nerdy women nuts in bed is to roleplay…


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